Whether you are working on a project or producing products, you need parts that can stand the test of time. From surface blasting to galvanizing and industrial part washing to industrial part deburring, we make parts last. Call us today to find out how we can help.

  • Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing

    ArmorGalv® is a thermal diffusion galvanizing process which provides heavy-duty corrosion and abrasion protection ensuring product functionality in harsh environments. ArmorGalv® is able to outperform many similar coatings, at affordable prices, while producing near zero emissions. This process is licensed by Distek NA LLC.

  • Industrial Part Cleaning

    We have the process and methods to clean and dry all types of metal parts. Your parts come back to you able to meet an extreme standard of cleanliness. Our part cleaning has a quick turnaround and is environmentally friendly. After cleaning, your parts can be packaged according to your specifications and either be picked up or delivered.

  • Industrial Part Deburring

    We use a vibratory bowl with various sizes and types of media to meet your deburring needs.  We have the capability to deburr small to medium sized parts.

  • Surface Blasting

    For the best ArmorGalv® coating, parts should be clean and free of surface contaminates. Our tumble blaster and cabinet blaster allow us to save you time and cost by blasting in-house. 

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