Your Products, Simplified.

High quality surface treatment from a single source.


Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing

Superior corrosion resistance for your parts.

Industrial Part Cleaning

Clean parts for your production.

Industrial Part Deburring

Vibratory finishing.

Surface Blasting

Removal of unwanted surface impurities.

Dip and Spin

Add a topcoat to enhance corrosion protection and part aesthetics. 

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ArmorGalv protects and extends the life of your products.

ArmorGalv® grain structure provides a much better bonding surface than electroplated zinc (or Hot Dip Galvanized). The ArmorGalv® surface results in superior adhesion of any top coat. The smooth surface of electro-plating requires various preparations such a chromating and primers to provide basic adhesion of paint or over-molding.




We help clients in a variety of industries achieve the highest quality and longest lasting products.


Waste Management

Electrical Grid



Structural Components

Oil & Gas


Latest News

New Website!

Our new website is officially here. 

Dip and Spin Capability

We have acquired a new dip and spin machine. This allows us to add a topcoat to our customer's parts on top of our ArmorGalv coating. We have a large machine with a basket that is 30 inches in diameter as well as a small sample machine.   

Over 2 Million Parts Washed!

The ArmorGalv Division started washing parts in 2016.  We have now surpassed 2 million parts washed!  We have a belt washer, plunge washer and a rotary washer to accommodate all your washing needs.