Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing

ArmorGalv® forms multiple layers of zinc-iron alloy on ferrous metals, with a super corrosion resistant inner gamma layer, compact delta layer, and outer zeta layer – like an onion. Each layer is successively harder and more corrosion resistant. It can be applied to formed and machined steel, castings, forgings, and stainless steel.

  • The ArmorGalv® zinc iron alloy coating is sacrificial, providing Galvanic protection to the steel parts, as well as a barrier coating.
  • It is highly corrosion and abrasion resistant.
  • The coating is hard, non magnetic, weldable, and spark free.
  • It is chip proof and amenable to crimping, bending, and forming.
  • It has very good anti-galling properties and low co-efficient of friction.
  • It is a replacement for Cadmium.
  • Highly heat resistant – working temp. over 1000F (538C).
  • Provides excellent bonding surface for paint, e-coat and over-molding with rubber or plastic.
  • Totally non-toxic and heavy metal free.

The ArmorGalv® coating follows the contours of any part – depositing uniform thickness over the entire surface of the part, including complex-shaped articles and internal cavities.

  • What Sets ArmorGalv Apart

    • Thermo diffusion runs at significantly lower temperatures than hot dip galvanizing (650-825F) vs. (840-880F)
    • Maximum process temperature can be precisely adjusted for each batch, based on coating characteristics for the part to be coated.
    • A special zinc powder formulation is available which will allow parts to be ArmorGalv coated as low as 570F.
    • Coating thickness can be adjusted from 0.5 to 6 mils (12 -150 microns) (with a +/- 10% tolerance)
    • The process evenly coats the inside of hollow &tubular parts.
    • Parts do not need to be fixtured, and parts with similar coating characteristics can be mixed where small batches are needed.
    • Current equipment can handle parts up to 7 ft. long.
    • It is a superior replacement for hot dip galvanizing and zinc plating.

  • Grain Structure

    ArmorGalv® grain structure provides a much better bonding surface than electroplated zinc (or Hot Dip Galvanized). The ArmorGalv® surface results in superior adhesion of any top coat. The smooth surface of electro-plating requires various preparations such a chromating and primers to provide basic adhesion of paint, or over-molding.

    For extremely rigorous conditions, many top coat options may be used to take advantage of the Armorgalv base and strong bonding surface. This is an ideal combination to reduce corrosion creep when the topcoat barrier is breached in continuous severe conditions.

CoatingThickness Range (inch)Corrosion ResistanceThickness UniformityHydrogen EmbrittlementRecess FillTop Coat AdhesionWeldable?Anti-GallingHeat ResistanceAbrasion ResistanceHard?
Hot Dip.002-.004ModeratePoorYesYesVery PoorNoNoLowPoorNo
Mechanical.0001-.003ModeratePoorNoYes Glass BeadsPoorNoNoLowPoorNo
Dip/Spin.00075-.001ModeratePoorNoYesGoodNoNoLowVery PoorNo
Electro-Plating.0001-.0005Moderate to Good for AlloysVery PoorYesNoModerateNoNoLowPoorNo
ArmorGalv®.0005-.006ExcellentExcellentNoNoExcellentYesYesYes to 120ºExcellentYes 38/42 HRC

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